“I cannot recommend Gina and Abby at Community Midwifery highly enough, they are both fantastic. I was originally going the route of the traditional OB for my first pregnancy but I soon realized that most doctors did not share my preference for a more natural approach to giving birth. I was also extremely frustrated by impersonal care and difficulty communicating with my previous OB practice, before I was fortunate enough to find Abby and Gina. They are the complete opposite of everything else I had experienced navigating the process of pregnancy – in the best way possible. 

They are both extremely knowledgeable, personable, and caring. Communication is always excellent, they can always be reached very quickly by e-mail, phone, or even text message. I was very lucky to have a healthy     normal pregnancy, but there were a few issues that cropped up along the way, and Gina and Abby handled each circumstance in the most thoughtful, attentive way. Another huge benefit is that you will get to know both Abby and Gina throughout the pregnancy, and you will be guaranteed that either one of them (or both), will attend your labor and delivery, as opposed to a traditional OB practice or a larger midwifery, where you might end up giving birth with a doctor you’ve potentially never met before. I had a long labor, and Gina and Abby were there for every step of the way over the course of two shifts. Additionally, they have admitting privileges at Mt. Sinai West, where we had a great experience. We were extremely satisfied with the resident nurses and doctors throughout the whole process. There is also a beautiful and comfortable birthing center there as an alternative to the typical L&D ward, which I had hoped to use, but was not able to because of a slight complication on the day of delivery. But it is great to have options available one floor from each other in the same hospital. 

At Community Midwifery Care, every effort is made to accommodate and respect your personal preferences, while providing invaluable guidance along the way. Abby and Gina also helped prepare my husband for the birth of our daughter as much as they did me. A visit to their office feels very homey in a relaxing atmosphere. And they take care of routine tests right there – usually no need to go to a lab elsewhere. Even after giving birth, Abby and Gina were a huge help. After an ultra-sound, I was advised by the sonographer that I would most likely need a D&C procedure. But instead of simply taking her word for it and scheduling me for surgery, Gina and Abby exhausted all other options and I’m so grateful they did, as it turned out there was absolutely no need for a D&C. They saved me an unnecessary surgery! This was eight weeks after giving birth, when I may not have “technically” been their patient or client anymore, but their care does not stop. Their commitment and professionalism is second to none. Community Midwifery also offers a sliding scale for their services. They are truly on a mission to help as many women and families in the community as possible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”
“What an incredible blessing for the community! My partner and I were desperate to find queer-competent care as we began family planning, and we only hoped to discover a provider like Gina who completely removed the impersonal and invasive experiences I have had in many hospital practices. She and Abby were so attentive to our needs, as well as our wants, and worked collaboratively to make us feel cared for from the moment of our consultation onward. Gina has such a warm energy and being able to conceive at home was such a gift, as was becoming pregnant the very first month we utilized Community Gyn for IUI. Even following our happy news, both Gina and Abby kept in touch and continued to be attentive to our process and experience. I could not dream up a more ideal team. “




“Giving birth with Community Midwifery was a blessing beyond a blessing.  Prenatal appointments were thorough, warm, relaxed, and contributed nicely to the beautiful feeling of anticipation.  Abby and Gina are both friendly and quick to respond in between appointments via email.  During labor, Abby’s touch was soothing and confident, and she drew on her knowledge and experience, using an amazing technique to relieve my back labor all naturally.  I made my birth plan very clear, and Abby took my desires seriously and was there to make it happen in the safest, best way possible.  Gina arrived shortly after the birth to congratulate me and answer questions.  The whole experience was personal and felt like the ‘right’ way to have a baby.  From an administrative standpoint, they were both there to help find a solution so that I could transfer to them fairly late in my pregnancy, so that was extremely helpful and appreciated.”

 “My partner and I are so happy that we made the choice to switch from a clinical environment to doing our IUI at home.  We had the pleasure to work with both Gina and Abby and both were super friendly and professional.  They always showed up right on time, and were there to answer any questions along the way.  We feel very lucky to have had such a good experience with this process in the comfort of our own home.”



“My wife and I consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon Community Gyn and the personalized, extremely professional, and affordable care that Gina and Abby offer.It was so meaningful for us to be able to conceive in the comfort and warmth of our own home, without drugs or rigid medical office hours (how many doctor’s offices would perform an insemination at 10 on a Friday night?!). We have no doubt that both the relaxed atmosphere and Gina’s impeccable attention to detail and timing were crucial in helping us conceive on only our second IUI attempt. Gina and Abby are a great team, and together offer round-the-clock care for IUIs, and have thoughtfully followed up with us throughout the pregnancy.We also both appreciated having our annual gyn exams at home, and would highly recommend Community Gyn for those who have avoided pap smears/pelvic exams due to pain or discomfort. Gina is a skilled practitioner who will take as much time as is needed to make you comfortable and who will deliver the highest standard of routine gynecological care without the sometimes harsh and impersonal atmosphere of a doctor’s office.”



“Because of Gina and Community Gyn Care, my wife and I were able to plan for our bundle of joy in a safe, affirming and holistic environment. We were thrilled to be able to involve our oldest daughter throughout the process which was so important for our family! We can’t thank them enough for their care and follow ups throughout our pregnancy and after.”