Please contact us to discuss fees and insurance for prenatal and birth care.

All fees are determined on a sliding scale based on total household income.

New Gyn Visit/Exam $125 – $250

Annual Gyn Exam (existing client) $100 – $225

Focused Gyn Visit (ie STI testing, Birth Control, Vaginitis etc) $80 – $160

IUI Consultation/ Preconception/ Natural Fertility Counseling Visit $125 – $300

Insemination* $150 – $375

For a complete breakdown of the sliding scale, you can download this chart: CMC Gyn & IUI Rates

If for any reason you feel that your household income is not a true measure of your resources, please feel free to discuss this with us.

Lab and ultrasound fees not included in above rates.  Most lab costs are covered by insurance.

*Two inseminations are recommended per cycle