Meet the Midwife

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Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser, LM, CNM  has been a Certified Nurse-Midwife since graduating from Columbia University School of Nursing in 2008. Her decision to become a midwife came from a deep-seated belief in social justice, feminism, and the power of human connection as well as a profound awe of the human body. As an undergraduate student at Wesleyan University, she studied history, philosophy and literature in the College of Letters and spent a summer in Guatemala, where she worked with indigenous midwives and fell in love with birth. In 2012 Gina opened Community Gyn Care, focusing on fertility and holistic gynecologic care.  She provided prenatal care and attended births in the public health setting at Bellevue Hospital Center from 2008-2016 before opening Community Midwifery Care with Abby Brown in 2016.  A life-long New Yorker, she currently lives in Kensington, Brooklyn with her husband and son.